Our Initiatives

The three pillars, Education, Income, and Health in the community impact agenda at United Way of Greater Mercer County, are the building blocks for a good quality of life. These are goals that advance society as a whole, not just a select few individuals.

“We believe they are the keys to making a difference in people’s lives. We provide the necessary building blocks for individuals and families to be self-sustaining, healthy and confident in their future.”.  Tara Maffei, Vice President, Community Impact, UWGMC

We mobilize efforts through a community model centered around “Invite, Connect and Commit” which uses the following steps:

  1. We engage our community in setting a vision and priorities
  2. We work together to build strategies to reach community goals
  3. We get commitments of time, money, and expertise to advance those strategies
  4. We measure outcomes and effectiveness of the strategies
  5. We report back and adjust our strategies as often as needed

United Way of Greater Mercer County has deep roots in the community with leadership on the ground, an ability to leverage resources for maximum impact, and a focus on measuring program performance.