Community Engagement Opportunity Request

Step 1: Submit the Below Request
Our volunteer engagement team handles each request with quality customer service, so please be sure to submit your request a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your desired project date. 
Step 2: Confirm
Once our volunteer engagement team matches you with an activity, we will coordinate with you and the appropriate community-based  partner(s) to develop and confirm the project, serving as a liaison throughout to ensure your volunteer day is well organized. 
Step 3: Recruit
Assign a company team leader to communicate volunteer assignments, details about the project, recommendations, directions, etc. to employees. Be sure to recruit the number of volunteers needed for your particular project!
Step 4: Complete your Project
Have fun with your colleagues while giving back to your community! Don’t worry- a UWGMC team manager will always accompany your team at the project site. 
For questions, please contact Denise Daniels at:
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