Creating your legacy is easier than ever. United Way has teamed up with FreeWill for a brand-new way to make sure everyone in our community has access to a FREE will planning tool. Now, it’s easy to ensure that your family and our community thrive for generations to come.
Through our partnership with with FreeWill, supporters have the opportunity to write their legally valid wills online for free and name "United Way of Greater Mercer County" as a beneficiary. In less than 20 minutes, you will have a will that is valid in all 50 states.
If you have a more complicated estate, FreeWill can be used to create a set of documented wishes to bring to a lawyer’s office and save time and money. 
Making a will gives you peace of mind today and leaves a legacy that supports the people and causes most important to you. Many people like you who care deeply about enriching our community have taken this step already — join them in supporting our community’s needs for future generations!
Secure your legacy with United Way of  Greater Mercer County and write your will today. 

Information about United Way of Greater Mercer County that you may need.

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  • Address: 3150 Brunswick Pike, STE 230, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  • Phone: 609-896-1912
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For questions please contact

Sandra Toussaint at or 609-896-1912