Tocqueville Society

What is Tocqueville?

Individuals or couples who contribute $10,000+ annually to United Way of Greater Mercer County become members of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society.
Tocqueville Society membership benefits include exclusive invitations to local and national events where you can learn, network and socialize. Members also receive special recognition in Tocqueville Society listings based on giving level.
When you join the Tocqueville Society, you demonstrate your leadership and deep level of commitment to build a stronger, thriving community – particularly for struggling families. Thousands will be impacted each year by your extraordinary gift.

Tocqueville Society Members are:

• All ages
• Inside and outside of workplace campaigns
• Committed to transformative philanthropy

Tocqueville Society History

The United Way Tocqueville Society is named after the French author Alexis de Tocqueville who, in the 1800s, traveled extensively throughout the United States. His observations, readings and discussions with eminent Americans formed the basis of Democracy in America, as well as a detailed study of American society and politics.
The observation on philanthropy made by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1831 stands true today. Americans understand that advancing the common good means creating opportunities for a better life for all.

Step Up To Tocqueville

By committing to the following, this three-year program allows donors to receive FULL Tocqueville Society benefits upon making their first gift:
  • Year One: $5,000
  • Year Two: $7,500
  • Year Three: $10,000

Benefits of Tocqueville Society Membership

As a member of the Tocqueville Society, you will be part of a distinguished group that understands how generosity today impacts the generations of tomorrow. Exclusive events will help you connect with like-minded pioneers of progress in our community and fuel United Way’s high-impact work in Mercer County for years to come.
Tocqueville Society Members will receive:
  • Exclusive invitations to local and national events where you can learn, network and socialize
  • Special recognition in Tocqueville Society listings based on the giving level
  • A dedicated staff who can answer your questions and work with you to execute your philanthropic goals
  • The opportunity to join United Way of Greater Mercer County committees and participate on volunteer projects
  • Updates on how your investment is making a difference
  • The opportunity to leave a personal legacy to your community through a planned/endowment gift to United Way of Greater Mercer County
For more information on Tocqueville Society member benefits or to request the Tocqueville Society roster, please contact us.

For more information contact

Sandra Toussaint at or 609-896-1912