Congratulations! Thanks to your support, [COMPANY NAME]’s 2020-21 United Way of Central Iowa campaign has raised $xxx,xxx.
Creating real change takes effort and commitment from each of us, and I am so pleased to celebrate [COMPANY NAME]’s collective contribution with all of you. Your hard work has had a tremendous impact on United Way’s effort to collectively improve Mercer County and the lives of everyone who lives here.
By supporting our campaign, you have helped:
  • Everyone deserves a path to financial security – no matter their age, race, or area code. United Way ensures that the path is open to those who want to take it and supports those who have fallen behind or run into challenges along the way.
  • The money we raised will support families in need and help equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive. 
  • United Way’s work to create a better, stronger Mercer County means safer and healthier communities for us all. People across the county will receive help in overcoming existing challenges as well as new obstacles that have appeared in the wake of the pandemic.
None of this success would have been possible without your support. Thank you again and congratulations!